Bicycle Dog Trailers :Croozer Dog

Your dog needs repose

As a rule, the dogs very much like to run. However too much, it is too much! That's why there is the Bicycle Trailers  Croozer Dog. So, your dog can accompany you easily even if your companion is very old or very young or if you like to make a long walking

Your dog has his habits

Your dog will appreciate the permanent presence of his Croozer Dog as Bicycle Trailers, ergonomic towrope for dogs to grow or limbs with comfortable transport by car. Croozer Dog is the ownership of your dog and the rest. Moreover, you can line up in the big reformable satchels all that your companion needs in promenade: the lead, goodies, the bowl, the reservations of water and the beating optional anti-rain (properties). You can also fold up your Croozer Dog in some seconds if you need a place.

Even a dog wishes a transport in complete safety

In the back, Croozer Dog is provided with an access equipped with a zipper. So, your dog can go up in one leap and appreciate the air of the wind and perspective by the window before. At the level of the lateral rings, you can tie it in complete safety. Cloths gauze solid of Croozer Dog is permeable in the air and resistant to the blows of label or crocs. Your dog can also have a rest in any calmness in the reinforced lateral parties. In the case of unforeseen rain, you can protect your dog by installing the tarpaulin anti-rain (property). In your car, you can fix Croozer Dog in complete safety as the bottom limbs with transport thanks to fitted in with handles.

Your Croozer Dog is of a very simple cleaning

Your dog feels well and reassured on the padded carpet. You can change and wash the surface of the carpet. Both sides of the towrope open absolutely to be able to rinse the stable and resistant bottom. So, your Croozer Dog remains always clean.

Characteristics of the product

L x W x H (without drawbar or handle)
84 x 69 x 76 cm
L x W x H folded (without wheels)
84 x 69 x 22 cm
Access opening
34 x 34 cm
Shoulder height (max.)
50 cm
height handle
90 cm
Weight (frame with wheels)
15.1 kg
Payload (max.)
16 "spoked
34 x 34 cm

suitable accessories

Coupling of spare Dog / Freighter

The additional universal coupling for towropes with bike Croozer Cargo and Croozer Pet is adapted in quasi-entirety of hubs and derailing stops.

Croozer for all
You fast like to fix your Croozer on another bike. Nothing simpler! You take up the coupling of spare on every desired bike. Then, you can fast couple the rudder of the towrope before reassuring it. So, everybody can take Croozer.
Rabat anti-rain for Croozer Dog

Thanks to the beating anti-rain for Croozer Dog, your dog can also accompany you by time with rain given that you are equipped against very bad weather!

Protection anti-rain for your dog
You are in displacement together with your dog with the towrope with the bike. Suddenly, big drops of rain begin falling Luckily, you took the beating transparent anti-rain! You only have simply to spread it on Croozer Dog to support your dog and your Croozer in dryness.

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